Silver Screen Novelties

Let’s tak about the big screen. Many would argue that every story has the potential to keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more! But what do you say when your favorite book, that story that already had you clinging on to the pages for dear life, was decidedly portrayed on the big screen…?

Two things are certain you have good taste in stories, this is true, and NO book in the history of writing will ever be portrayed in a movie the way that it appears in your head. There’s no budget that could fulfill the genuine flow of emotion that is necessary for you to deem it appropriate.

It all goes back to the reason that you chose to dedicate your free time to that book, whether it was for a character, the authors style of writing, a particular chapter you were warned about by a friend or all of the above. A movie won’t capture that excitement, that anticipation, and most certainly the detail that goes into writing. Writers like us, we’re building a ship in a bottle, taking the time to invent and construct a fictional world catered to only imaginations. That’s a hard ass job!

Film makers are picking up the pieces, like puppeteers. As we build ships in bottles, delicately. They are building rocketships ready to take off! We come from two different ends of the spectrum along the same plane, both creative people taking different risks.

I’d like to see if anyone has an opinion on this concept…

Are you a movie buff or story teller?

whats your favorite book and what was your perspective on the movie?


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