To trilogy or not to trilogy

I can honestly say I would never try to write another trilogy, but I have such respect for those who have! And forget the people who have dared to venture off into the land of series, such as J.K Rowling (Harry Potter) & L.J. Smith (The Vampire Diaries)

It takes a lot to keep people coming back to  a certain story. There’s the element of waiting on the edge of their seat and hanging on by a thread to that last sentence; every symbol has a different meaning for each reader.

There’s always the threat of losing the plot, the goal or that initial excitement that you once felt when you began the series. So what to do when this happens? New Conflict? New climax? New characters? & always remember If people wanted an ordinary book they’d be reading a how to… They want something extraordinary, so write outside the lines.

Soooo what intrigues you and keeps you coming back? Are you a fan of the infamous trilogy or do you keep it simple with the singles?image


2 thoughts on “To trilogy or not to trilogy

    • I completely understand this answer. I’m on my first book it’s the first part of a trilogy and its grueling.. But you do fall in love with the characters. Did you find it difficult not to start writing another story after the first! Thank you


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