Lets Talk About Books Baby

This one goes out to all of my fellow authors, writers, poets, and dreamers. Whether you’re young and aspiring, or a heavy hitter tossing books on shelves faster than I can bridge a deck of cards, I want your opinon. Here it goes…

We all have it in our head, this image of the perfect story, the plot, the conflict, the twist-the unikely hero-throw some romance in there, and then close with the classic resolution. Such a simple concept the outline is; a fragile skeleton that so easily falls apart if taken for granted. I’ve learned the hard way that filling in those blanks may give the writer an idea, but it’s picking up and rearranging all those shattered pieces that once were, that gives him a name.

I didn’t go to school for English, or Creative Writing. I went for Medical Assistance, with the belief that a hobby was not something worth spending thousands of dollars on. But, 7 years of sitting behind a computer, battling conflicting school and work schedules, grammatical busts and months of writers block. I realized that something that required this much dedication was far more than a hobby, it was a passion. That’s when I self-published.

So my question to you comes in two parts:

  1. Does it make a difference in your opinion of a book knowing the author has gone to school for English/Creative Writing?

  2. If you are a writer, Did you find that school did/did not help you in writing your material?

Any answers are absolutely insightful and helpful!

Thanks for listening


2 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Books Baby

  1. Excellent way to describe a troublesome puzzle, rearranging thoughts and new ones that come into play. Also, your 2 questions raised. I think readers of this will do well to do their homework in doing research on writers who both had schooling and didn’t. In doing so, i’ve found not just inspirational thought in the process to do so, but encouragement in how many like minded people who have the same questions, after reading this, i’ve asked those who write and don’t, for food for thought.Which transferred a more stronger energy to my passion in writing. Thank you Victoria

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    • Thanks for your input.. It’s always good to do homework and get different opinions, you’d be surprised what others think. I’ve always found that my way isn’t always the best even when I thought it was the most wise. When it comes to writing there are millions different ways to do things, but schooling has always been curiosity. I personally feel capable but sometimes you wonder how the reader feels!!!


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