For Your Reading Pleasure: Chapter One

They say nothing good comes free, that’s when they came up with the preview. Enjoy the first chapter of Ruby Darkness: FOTR and tell me what you think

Ruby Darkness: Fate of the Rose

One: Impact

The silence was so empty, but the deafening ringing in my ears sounded throughout my absent mind like white noise, or the distinct echo of a shrill scream. My vision was blurred as my eyes rolled open from the warm concrete ground. The cool wind against my hot skin was the only thing that alleviated the constant tease of nausea; a sensation brought on by my implied plummet to the ground. My body ached in places I couldn’t describe. I could almost feel the pressure of whatever impact struck me down, breaking my body once more as I painfully forced my way onto my feet. But the worst pain of all was the stinging bloody scrapes on my elbow and knees.

My brown eyes squinted through the thick sunlight, cursing the pavement as the scenery came into view. A street sign read Solly Avenue—a straight stretch of blacktop through desert lands that seemed never-ending. The tall dead grass swayed through the unmercifully dull winds that swept across the barren lands. The only sound to be heard besides my own faint heartbeat, was the tinkling of honey sand spraying through the grass mixed with the rattle of desert creatures. I stumbled up as quickly as I could and headed straight—as if I had any other choice.

The journey through the scorching desert seemed to last for days. My dark hair matted thickly to my forehead dripping sweat. My clothes clung to my body soaking wet and sticky, stinging the cuts that colored most of my joints. What could have happened that left me cut up and stranded in the middle of nowhere? What if this was my own fault?   Someone had to know I was out here. And when they were able, they would come for me.

I grew immeasurably hopeless as the firing sun poured down hotter and hotter, melting through layers of my sun-kissed skin. I tried to remember the last face that I’d seen just before the darkness but it was no use; the people from my life were all blurred entities. I saw them as if through a long tunnel, their images corroded as the tunnel started to crumble with my weakened mind. Inconsequential memories slowly surfaced but the important recollections dissipated before they could even be acknowledged.

I was forgotten.

My past burned to blackened ashes spilling through my clenched fists. I spent the next incalculable amount of time trying to put myself back together. I salvaged the useful remembrances that I could manage, announcing them aloud to the desert as I continued: My name is Ruby Evelyn James. I’m eighteen years old. My hair is long and black. My eyes are brown. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. And I am currently lost and alone in a desert.

The tip of the burning red sun kissed the sky in the distance as it slowly sank like molasses into another time, its light pooling ahead, a deep, thick red that saturated the dark majestic hues of the night.

Exhausted, wounded, but not entirely discouraged, I dropped to the ground, stretching my arms and legs out around me as the sun finally sank behind the rugged mountains in the distance. Accepting the fate that came with my extinguished energies, I folded my arms behind my head and looked up to the night sky flooded with scintillating stars for some shred of hope, or an answer, or sign to point me in the right direction. But the universe hides her secrets deeper within, collecting unfathomable truths.

Where am I? How did I get here? When will someone find me? I scream these questions out over and over to the stars, waiting for some answer to miraculously appear. Please let this be a dream!! Please let me wake up in my own bed, tangled in my blankets, in my own home…wherever home may be.

Time seemed to go slow, even though it was already night time. Scanning the skies, I felt my eyes getting weaker, my eyelids fluttered to stay open. The weight of the day and the moon’s liberation only encouraged sleep, the sleep that was sure to lead me back into my life. The twinkling stars watched over me as my eyes grew heavier. I found a cool place along the shoulder of the street to lie down, allowing myself some temporary relief. Suddenly, a different light twinkled from somewhere in the desert.

Copyright 2012  All Rights Reserved  Victoria Leader


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