Silver Screen Novelties

Let’s tak about the big screen. Many would argue that every story has the potential to keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more! But what do you say when your favorite book, that story that already had you clinging on to the pages for dear life, was decidedly portrayed on the big screen…?

Two things are certain you have good taste in stories, this is true, and NO book in the history of writing will ever be portrayed in a movie the way that it appears in your head. There’s no budget that could fulfill the genuine flow of emotion that is necessary for you to deem it appropriate.

It all goes back to the reason that you chose to dedicate your free time to that book, whether it was for a character, the authors style of writing, a particular chapter you were warned about by a friend or all of the above. A movie won’t capture that excitement, that anticipation, and most certainly the detail that goes into writing. Writers like us, we’re building a ship in a bottle, taking the time to invent and construct a fictional world catered to only imaginations. That’s a hard ass job!

Film makers are picking up the pieces, like puppeteers. As we build ships in bottles, delicately. They are building rocketships ready to take off! We come from two different ends of the spectrum along the same plane, both creative people taking different risks.

I’d like to see if anyone has an opinion on this concept…

Are you a movie buff or story teller?

whats your favorite book and what was your perspective on the movie?


To trilogy or not to trilogy

I can honestly say I would never try to write another trilogy, but I have such respect for those who have! And forget the people who have dared to venture off into the land of series, such as J.K Rowling (Harry Potter) & L.J. Smith (The Vampire Diaries)

It takes a lot to keep people coming back to  a certain story. There’s the element of waiting on the edge of their seat and hanging on by a thread to that last sentence; every symbol has a different meaning for each reader.

There’s always the threat of losing the plot, the goal or that initial excitement that you once felt when you began the series. So what to do when this happens? New Conflict? New climax? New characters? & always remember If people wanted an ordinary book they’d be reading a how to… They want something extraordinary, so write outside the lines.

Soooo what intrigues you and keeps you coming back? Are you a fan of the infamous trilogy or do you keep it simple with the singles?image

Spark, The Horizon


As I watched through the corner of the looking glass there was a spark that sparked and stole me from the glaze that invaded my marbled mind. Something deep was on the horizon, looming through the beaded sunrise, something was coming. Peaking through the thousand thread woven sky. It was coming for me, and when it came I was no more.

what’s your favorite poem of all time?

Its Not You Its Me! On A Date With The Reader

bookwormEssentially, reading is a relationship. You’re dedicating time out of your life, although temporary, to understanding and building an emotional bond between characters, events, as well as taking part on the emotional journey to achieve the symbolic harmony that may find said book on the coveted summer reading list.

In every relationship, things can go two ways good or bad. So when you’re on a date with the perfect book, why can things so easily go south?

Underdeveloped Theory

  • When a plot is underdevloped the reader is left disheartened. Why is this? With the turn of every page the reader is anticipating a plot twist or hidden agenda behind every character until mid way through the story when they cme to terms with the idea that the story is simply underdeveloped and underwhelming.
  • This often occurs when other areas of the story are over exaaggerated, such as, the conflict, characters,  detail to setting/timeline/event, even sub plot can leave a great writer a victim to an underdeveloped portion of the story.
  • There are a few ways this can be avoided
    • Make a skeleton, or outline of the story and fill in the key elements that are crucial to the reader and as you write refer to the outline and be sure to include all the elements. You can always add detail.
    • Have a friend, or family member that is unaware of the complete storyline read over the material you are comfortable with sharing and ask for honest feedback. Be sure to confirm that the settings, transitions, and descriptions were all realistic to a reader. Keep in mind the author sees the story from beginning to end. Make sure it’s a story and not a summary!

Obvious Ending

  • Have you ever opened a book you’ve been waiting to read for months, felt the strong spine beneath your fingers, smelled the inky or digital scent of fresh print, read the first page and predicted the ending from the very start. That’s what we call The Predictable Read. In a relationship with a perfect book, it needs to be something new and fresh. Predictable is salt on the table and we want the rest of the seasonings.
    • If you fear your book is ever becoming predictable, this is the perfect time for a sub plot.
      • Plot: The characters in your story are musicians, they are hoping to go on tour with their idol if they can finish their first albulm in time.
      • Sub Plot: One band member battles with a disease
    • Another option would be to add in my personal favorite, a plot twist. A plit twist can be added in at any part of the story beginning, middle or end. Wherever you believe it will cause the most impact which is the true purpose of a plot twist.
      • Plot: The characters in your story are musicians, they are hoping to go on tour with their idol if they can finish their firs albulm in time.
      • Plot Twist: The record producer is a gambler who spends the bands savings at the casino.

Unlikable Character

  • When reading that perfect book you build a relationship with the characters. You feel a deep sense of empathy for everything the author puts them through, despite the fact that it’s all on paper. But, what if the character you’re trying to bond with is just plain unlikable?
    • Kudos to the author that put so much emotion into a fictional, paper back being that earned the nasty title that made us want to turn the page, but hopefully not close the book.
    • If you feel your character has a 0-2 likability factor, it might be simply because we don’t know enough about them to see that ounce of good that was probably intended.
    • If your character is getting booed off the paperback stage, simply hit the keyboard and tell us a little story about why they came to be so, bitter, judemental, evil, annoying, etc. Background stories touch close to home for people, they are the heartbeat for most characters. You’ll be surprised how much the rating goes up, and they won’t lose their touch.


  • Every relationship requires some food for thought. Periods and commas go a long way if used correctly. They completely change the way a sentence is said aloud.
    • It’s always good to read over your work and then have someone else do it for you. The writer sometimes sees what they meant to write, especially in a hurry to produce an amazing story. You want a person that you can trust to help edit, as well as a person who pays attention to detail.

Unrelatable Plot

  • Admittedly so, we all come from different walks of life, therefore we all have different stories to tell.It’s safe to say that not every reader is going to comment that they can relate from start to finish because that just isn’t feasible, but that doesn’t mean that same person doesn’t want to hear our story.
    • Telling your story can be difficult if you want to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of literature, but thats the beauty of story telling. If you find that you’re stuck on a story that doesn’t feel like you, put yourself in to. Always leave your imprint on the stories you tell so that people can look back and say that they heard it from you.

Slow Beginning

  • The hardest part of the relationship is the beginning. It’s an adventure that you’re afraid to embark on. Your time is limited and now you’ll be sharing your coffee breaks and good night reads with this newfound story. Is it worth it? All the books in the world and this is the one you picked.
    • Everyone has been talking about the new book that’s coming to theaters, and when you finally get your copy you realize that it is absolutely, painfully boring. The second chapter and it’s still developing the characters and sets. You’re wondering when it’s gonna get good. You’re wondering if you made a mistake.
    • Boring beginnings happen, but thet don’t have to. That’s what your trusty editors are for. By the end of the second chapter, the reader should know what they are in for and they should be excited for it. If they are still waiting for the acknowledgements to end then you have a problem.
    • In the first chapter you want to be sure to identify the main character, set the scene, kiss the conflict, address the plot, and have the reader on the same page as you by the end of chapter.

For the Readers

What does it take for you to walk away from that relationship with a book?

  • Underdeveloped Plot
  • Obvious ending
  • Unlikable character
  • Poor Grammar
  • Unrelatable plot
  • Slow beginning

For Your Reading Pleasure: Chapter One

They say nothing good comes free, that’s when they came up with the preview. Enjoy the first chapter of Ruby Darkness: FOTR and tell me what you think

Ruby Darkness: Fate of the Rose

One: Impact

The silence was so empty, but the deafening ringing in my ears sounded throughout my absent mind like white noise, or the distinct echo of a shrill scream. My vision was blurred as my eyes rolled open from the warm concrete ground. The cool wind against my hot skin was the only thing that alleviated the constant tease of nausea; a sensation brought on by my implied plummet to the ground. My body ached in places I couldn’t describe. I could almost feel the pressure of whatever impact struck me down, breaking my body once more as I painfully forced my way onto my feet. But the worst pain of all was the stinging bloody scrapes on my elbow and knees.

My brown eyes squinted through the thick sunlight, cursing the pavement as the scenery came into view. A street sign read Solly Avenue—a straight stretch of blacktop through desert lands that seemed never-ending. The tall dead grass swayed through the unmercifully dull winds that swept across the barren lands. The only sound to be heard besides my own faint heartbeat, was the tinkling of honey sand spraying through the grass mixed with the rattle of desert creatures. I stumbled up as quickly as I could and headed straight—as if I had any other choice.

The journey through the scorching desert seemed to last for days. My dark hair matted thickly to my forehead dripping sweat. My clothes clung to my body soaking wet and sticky, stinging the cuts that colored most of my joints. What could have happened that left me cut up and stranded in the middle of nowhere? What if this was my own fault?   Someone had to know I was out here. And when they were able, they would come for me.

I grew immeasurably hopeless as the firing sun poured down hotter and hotter, melting through layers of my sun-kissed skin. I tried to remember the last face that I’d seen just before the darkness but it was no use; the people from my life were all blurred entities. I saw them as if through a long tunnel, their images corroded as the tunnel started to crumble with my weakened mind. Inconsequential memories slowly surfaced but the important recollections dissipated before they could even be acknowledged.

I was forgotten.

My past burned to blackened ashes spilling through my clenched fists. I spent the next incalculable amount of time trying to put myself back together. I salvaged the useful remembrances that I could manage, announcing them aloud to the desert as I continued: My name is Ruby Evelyn James. I’m eighteen years old. My hair is long and black. My eyes are brown. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. And I am currently lost and alone in a desert.

The tip of the burning red sun kissed the sky in the distance as it slowly sank like molasses into another time, its light pooling ahead, a deep, thick red that saturated the dark majestic hues of the night.

Exhausted, wounded, but not entirely discouraged, I dropped to the ground, stretching my arms and legs out around me as the sun finally sank behind the rugged mountains in the distance. Accepting the fate that came with my extinguished energies, I folded my arms behind my head and looked up to the night sky flooded with scintillating stars for some shred of hope, or an answer, or sign to point me in the right direction. But the universe hides her secrets deeper within, collecting unfathomable truths.

Where am I? How did I get here? When will someone find me? I scream these questions out over and over to the stars, waiting for some answer to miraculously appear. Please let this be a dream!! Please let me wake up in my own bed, tangled in my blankets, in my own home…wherever home may be.

Time seemed to go slow, even though it was already night time. Scanning the skies, I felt my eyes getting weaker, my eyelids fluttered to stay open. The weight of the day and the moon’s liberation only encouraged sleep, the sleep that was sure to lead me back into my life. The twinkling stars watched over me as my eyes grew heavier. I found a cool place along the shoulder of the street to lie down, allowing myself some temporary relief. Suddenly, a different light twinkled from somewhere in the desert.

Copyright 2012  All Rights Reserved  Victoria Leader

Lets Talk About Books Baby

This one goes out to all of my fellow authors, writers, poets, and dreamers. Whether you’re young and aspiring, or a heavy hitter tossing books on shelves faster than I can bridge a deck of cards, I want your opinon. Here it goes…

We all have it in our head, this image of the perfect story, the plot, the conflict, the twist-the unikely hero-throw some romance in there, and then close with the classic resolution. Such a simple concept the outline is; a fragile skeleton that so easily falls apart if taken for granted. I’ve learned the hard way that filling in those blanks may give the writer an idea, but it’s picking up and rearranging all those shattered pieces that once were, that gives him a name.

I didn’t go to school for English, or Creative Writing. I went for Medical Assistance, with the belief that a hobby was not something worth spending thousands of dollars on. But, 7 years of sitting behind a computer, battling conflicting school and work schedules, grammatical busts and months of writers block. I realized that something that required this much dedication was far more than a hobby, it was a passion. That’s when I self-published.

So my question to you comes in two parts:

  1. Does it make a difference in your opinion of a book knowing the author has gone to school for English/Creative Writing?

  2. If you are a writer, Did you find that school did/did not help you in writing your material?

Any answers are absolutely insightful and helpful!

Thanks for listening

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Fate of the Rose: The Journey Begins

Ruby Darkness: Fate of the Rose

“I wondered how tragic his end was-if he suffered or went out easy, if he went first or last; if he really caused it or was simply a victim of circumstance. But the true thought that continued remolding itself in my head was how did we know each other?”

When Ruby James finds herself abandoned on Solly Avenue with only the distinct memory of headlights somewhere in the past. She must use the people and places around her to find her way back home. But home may be further away than she expected. Ruby must journey deep into her conscious self on an adventure through the unfamiliar city of Coelus, where nothing is as it seems. With the past beneath the surface, and threats lurking around every corner Ruby is on the hunt for the truth. Making friends and enemies along the way, will she piece the puzzle together and return to reality, before she runs out of time… Before the fate of the Rose.
Sitting in a chair on my front porch 2010, I thought to myself, What the hell happens to Ruby James? At this point in time, nothing had been written, not even the title. The story was only a twinkle in my eye. I thought to myslef, it has to be something dark. That’s when the title hit me. I didn’t think it would stick, but here we are. After the first chapter the charactes told the story, and it really is a mystery, mixed with fantasy, young adult genre. Admittedly so, any age would get lost in it. I know I did, several times. And just when you think you’ve got the first book figured out. You forgot the next one is coming in less than a year. I’ll be sure to keep you guessing. What fate has in store for Ruby James.

Don’t believe me, take it from a Smashwords review:

Review by: Lexie Snyder on Nov. 08, 2012 :
I downloaded this book on a whim, and ended up really enjoying in. This was a completely unique world that Leader created and I enjoyed the fast read. The tempo isn’t rushing, because this really has more to do with Ruby figuring out how to get home. However, you certainly won’t get bored because there is always something that Leader has you trying to figure out.

I enjoyed seeing the world through Ruby’s eyes, even if she was a little slow in putting the pieces together. I had already worked out the plot in my head before the book was even halfway over. However, I wasn’t the one in limbo trying to figure out what was going on, I was simply following all of the clues that Leader lays out for the careful reader. But it was still rewarding to see that everything I had guessed played out exactly the way I predicted. *silently bows* 🙂 Ruby’s biggest strength is her heart and willingness to always try and help people (even if it might not be expressed the best way) but that adds to her likability.

Leader drops several clues throughout the book about the Ruby’s destiny, and if I’m not mistaken also the destiny of the entire world and those she cares for-on both sides. The next book or books have a lot to live up to, but I don’t doubt that Leader is up to the task.

I’m definitely excited to read the next book, um now would be great Victoria…… 🙂

Go to and get your copy today

I didn’t start the fire, but I plan to fan the flame

imageSo let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Victoria Leader. I’m 26 years old. I’m a novice writer with a ton of stories to tell. I’m so easily inspired and influenced that I’m almost always thinking of how to turn a situation into a decent short story. I love a book that gets under my skin and illicits true emotion; a story where the author has set the scene so close or even far from home that I couldn’t dream of it. That’s what touches me. That’s what inspires me about writing. My ultimate goal besides being a full time Medical Assistant and going to school for RN, is to create, and teach people to put the stories on paper that they believe can only exist in their mind. I truly believe that every person has a story-if not a few- to tell…it all depends on how they wish to take the readers on that journey! I started a creative writing club of my own with some friends to encourage deadlines and to of course to encourage the ultimate goal, which is to tell as many stories as possible of course.

Which brings me to the climax of this first blog post. I wrote and self published my own story, Ruby Darkness: Fate of the Rose. Which I’ll be sure to post a full synopsis of very shortly as well as a book trailer that I have been working tediously on. It is the first part in a trilogy that has been burning a hole in my imagination for many years, and I’m so happy to share it with you. Stay tuned for updates on book two coming 2017, and if you have an eReader. Here’s how you can get a copy of Fate of the Rose.


For those skeptics, yes there is a free preview available!

Get your copy/free preview at:


Barnes & Noble Nook

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